Smart bulbs are energy-efficient LED light bulbs that you control from your smart phone. The lights connect to the Internet to do all sorts of cool things, like turn on automatically when you get back from work. They can interface with the Nest carbon monoxide detector and will change the lights to the best setting to see through smoke if there's an emergency. You can even make your smart bulbs change colors to match the weather using IFTTT.

Light DJ works with the Nanoleaf Aurora modular LED panel lighting system, and all connected lighting products from Philips Hue and LIFX.

The Nanoleaf Aurora is a modular LED panel lighting system that lets you create light exactly how you imagine it.

Nanoleaf Aurora


Meet the perfect fusion of lighting design and technology—a smart lighting product unlike anything you’ve seen before. Wake up to the sunrise, improve your mood with stunning colors, and automate your lighting throughout the day.

This is your canvas. This is your life. This is your journey.

Philips Hue

Transform your home with high quality white and colored light. Play with 16 million colors and 50 thousand shades of white. Sync your lights with music, TV and games for an immersive effect. This newest generation from Philips Hue comes with improved colors (deeper shades of green, cyan and blue) and has an energy-star qualified design.


LIFX is a smart lightbulb that uses Wi-Fi to bring immersive color to your home. A simple-to-use app allows you to fine tune your lighting experience; control a single light or your entire home and enjoy strong vibrant colors along with delicate whites.

LIFX lights are engineered to provide a simple way to start designing your connected home. A single bulb contains all the technology and hardware needed to use your lights. LIFX is ready to seamlessly integrate with some of your favorite smart home products, including Amazon Echo, Nest and SmartThings.