Level Up with the new live music Visualizer

You've never seen anything like this before

One of my users emailed me recently asking for his lights to react to music, like some other light show apps. After downloading these other apps, I was SHOCKED to find out that they don't really do anything interesting. No matter though; I made something way cooler that blows these other guys out of the water!

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Introducing the Light DJ Visualizer, a Sound-Reactive controller that looks fantastic on both LIFX and Philips Hue systems.

The Visualizer contains a powerful Intelligent Music Analyzer that actively listens to your music and changes the effects based on what it's hearing. The effects are smooth and flowy during softer melodies and energetic during louder parts. You can even sing into it!

Of course, the new controller includes plenty of effect customization options so you can make your light show look how you want it to. Select up to 3 colors, or let the app decide the theme for you; it's smart enough to know when to magically change the colors at just the right time for maximum impact. It also makes sure you're never left sitting in the dark!

Don't Miss A Beat

Along with the Visualizer, the latest update includes another popular request: Background Mode. Now you can switch between apps without affecting the light show. Background Mode can be enabled via Settings.

The update is available NOW in the App Store. Download Light DJ now and transform your room into the ultimate audio/visual experience!

What else would you like Light DJ to do? Have any suggestions? Email me at kevin@mangobee.co or follow me on Instagram (@lightdj).

New Effects Pack, and Loads of New Features

Light DJ will detect the beat of your music automatically.

I love receiving email from fans of the app and most of the new features that I add come from user suggestions. This latest app update includes the most demanded features that you, the users, have requested.

First up is Microphone Tempo Control - the app can now listen to your music and analyze the tempo on-the-fly! This has been the most requested feature by-far, and I'm glad that I can provide it to you now. Onset beat detection (the technical term) is actually a pretty difficult thing for a machine to do. While our human ears have a built-in sense of rhythm, machines must take a best guess based on the frequencies of the incoming sound. For the best results, I recommend activating the feature when there a solid beat in the background.

The Big Room Effects Pack includes six new effects, including Groove Wave, Soft Strobe, and Cross Fade.

Next is the new Big Room Effects Pack - 6 new effects for the SceneMaker controller. This pack was built for big rooms and are perfect for rooms with lots of bulbs. I've also added Light Ordering to the app so you can control the play order of the lights. With this you can setup the lights so that they, say, flow nicely in a ring around your room, or from left-to-right on a stage, or any other order that you can dream. Light ordering can be set from within the Group Configuration screen under the Settings panel.

Lastly, I've added a Blackout Button to the controls panel - instantly turn off all the lights with the press of a single button!

What else would you like Light DJ to do? Have any suggestions? Email me at kevin@mangobee.co, or post on our Facebook page!



Engineered for Fun

Escaping Lights

The problem with most smart bulb apps is that they're just not that fun. You open the app, change your lights, and then ... that's usually it. Even apps that are designed for "Entertainment" often just do the same repetitive effects over and over. I built Light DJ because I wanted to make an app that could actually impress your friends.

That's why here at Light DJ HQ, I spend lots of time testing the app to make sure that it's actually fun to use. New features generally go through 2-4 iterations where I build a complete feature and then test it to make sure that the controls are intuitive, and that the app is just fun and easy to use. Inspiration for new features comes from many sources: friends and family, loyal Light DJ fans, music festivals, etc. Sometimes ideas work great, other times not. I've written tons of unused code from various prototypes I've done. Only the best effects make it into the App Store, which is why Light DJ is quickly advancing up the iTunes charts.

For example, my latest controller, SceneMaker, plays through a list of effects automatically. I originally intended users to use the list of effects as a checklist, so you could choose which effects you wanted to include or not include in the show. The problem I found is that there was no way to play a specific effect at a certain time and as a result I changed the functionality of the app to handle this. I could have released the app that way, but that wouldn't have been very fun. No one wants to mess around with a poorly designed app, especially when you're showing off your toys to friends.

Creators and makers alike know all too well the plight of being your own worst critic. Through the process of building new effects, I'm constantly fine-tuning and making adjustments to the app so that everything works seamlessly when you launch it at home. Not such as easy task when there's different hardware configurations involved, but I enjoy doing it knowing that somewhere in the world I've helped to make someone's party extra special.



Introducing the SceneMaker!

Create light shows with ease with the all-new SceneMaker automated effects controller. The SceneMaker comes with over 10 effects that you can customize with your favorite colors. Brand new multi-color effects bring a new level of customization to your lights. The controller is designed to set and forget, so you can get your party on without having to oversee the app!

This new controller replaces the old Effects controller. If you've already upgraded the Effects controller then you'll get the SceneMaker Basic Effects pack for free! You don't have to do anything except update the app to get the added benefits of the SceneMaker.

As always, I love to hear your suggestion for the app. What would you like to see Light DJ do? Send your suggestions to kevin@mangobee.co.

DJ Lights without a Lighting Rig

Let's face it - DJ lighting is an expensive and time-consuming hobby. You can easily spend thousands of dollars on lights that can only do one or two things and will sit in the closet 90% of the time. Setting up a lighting rig for your next party can take over an hour, and that's after you've had to haul all of the heavy equipment to your friend's house across town. DXM lighting rigs use a lot of power and generate a lot of heat too - as if your crowded party isn't hot enough. And of course someone has to watch over the lighting controller during the party - hopefully no one spills their drink on it.


Light DJ eliminates the hassle that comes with setting up a DJ lighting rig and let's you focus on more important matters, like hosting an epic party! By using advanced smart lighting technology, you can use the same smart bulbs that are now becoming commonplace around the home. You don't need for a special lighting controller - you control all of Light DJ's effects right from your iPhone or iPad. You don't need a lighting rig either, the bulbs screw in just like a traditional light bulb.

Customize your smart bulbs with over 16 million colors.

Light DJ is incredibly easy to learn, too. You can hand your iOS device to one of your party guests and let them go to town. It's so simple that even my cat can use it.

Plus, rather than let a lighting rig collect dust in the closet, you can use your smart bulbs for thousands of other uses. From scheduling wake-up timers to alerting you when you receive a text message, smart lighting will change the way you live. Click here to learn more about the lights that Light DJ is compatible with.

Light DJ is available for download now for FREE on the App Store. Give it a try and make your next party one to remember.