Light DJ is running an open beta for access to new features before they are made available to the public. The current beta features the SceneMaker Playlists update, adding customizable playlists to the iPhone & iPad apps. Playlists of effects can be configured with predefined palettes, tempo, and other settings, like individual effect duration. iPad version now includes playlist cells which can be triggered as an effect button or opens the list-based iPhone SceneMaker controller. (Android next!)

You’ll also get access to the Light DJ Network, our new cloud services platform. With this new service you’ll be able to share your purchases across the whole family of Light DJ apps. This means if you subscribe to Light DJ for iOS you’ll get automatically get access to the Android version, and vice versa. To access this service, opt-in to the beta apps and sign in to your account via Settings/Configuration.

Pardon the mess: There could also be interruptions in service while I work out any bugs (possibly requiring re-syncronization with your native subscription.) I’m looking forward to expanding the service with new features and compatibility just as I have with the mobile apps.


There are 2 different flavors of Light DJ (trial & full) on each platform (iOS & Android).

To sync your purchases you must opt-in for the beta for BOTH PLATFORMS.

  1. On the OS you used to make the original purchase, download the beta for the same flavor as the version you purchased.

  2. On the other OS, use the trial version to sync with the cloud.


Light DJ Beta (trial) (for subscriptions, legacy in-app purchases, cloud syncing)

Light DJ Pro Beta (full, standalone app)


Light DJ Beta (trial) (for subscriptions, legacy in-app purchases, cloud syncing)

Light DJ Deluxe Beta (full, standalone app)


Email me at and I’ll be happy to listen. You can also submit feedback through the Apple TestFlight app. This app was built from user suggestions so I welcome your input!