Ever since I can remember, I have always loved the synergy between lights and music. Back in the day, during my high school years, I was a complete band geek—taking every single opportunity available to check out a concert or a music festival.

As soon as I moved to California, I started getting into the dance music scene. I began to learn flow arts, like gloving and poi and started becoming obsessed with light shows. I soon realized that a light show creator for smart bulbs would be a fun and easy way to enhance the experience.  

As an original backer of the LIFX Kickstarter in 2012, I began to build smart bulb apps in my spare time. I got my first app completed in 2014—HouseParty, which let users program simple light patterns. The app worked well but it was too limited, so I started working on my next project. I wanted to design a light show app that could actually blow people away.

Light DJ started with an iPad app that could be used for live performances, but I soon expanded to the iPhone and added automated controllers, like the SceneMaker special effects controller and the Visualizer. I'm continually updating the app with new features based on user requests, so if you're like me and enjoy dance music, I’d love to know your thoughts about Light DJ.  Feel free to drop me a note at any point at kevin@nrthrnlights.com.

-Kevin Kolasinski