Introducing the Light DJ Pro Subscription Service

Hey guys,

Last month I posted about Light DJ switching to a subscription service and I'm finally ready to share some details with you. Each all-access subscription includes the following:

  • 7-day all-access free trial for first time subscribers
  • Full use of all of the app's controllers and effects
  • 2 brand new Bonus Effects each month
  • Continual updates to support new hardware and features
  • Direct email technical support (I respond to every email!)

One of the biggest challenges I've had since starting this app is that each different type of light can product different kinds of effects, but not all lights have the same technical capabilities. This has made creating effects difficult since I've had to sacrifice things so that all the effects are compatible with all light types. With these new subscriptions, I'll be adding 2 brand-new Bonus Effects each month to keep the app new and exciting. These Bonus Effects are hardware-specific and will generally only work with one type of light technology, such as Nanoleaf Light Panels or Hue Entertainment areas. This will allow me to create more complicated effects that might not translate well between different styles of hardware.

The subscription also helps support continual updates for new hardware and features. There's some cool stuff that I'm planning on adding to the app soon that I can't talk about yet, but look forward to new hardware being adding later this year. ;)

As I mentioned before if you already own the app then you won't have to pay for the subscription but you'll get all of the benefits of a subscription user. Prices of the subscription service will vary depending on your location, but I've tried to keep them reasonable while making sure that I'm fairly compensated for the time that I've put into developing the app. There are monthly and yearly payment options, as well as a one-time purchase option at a higher price if you want to avoid the subscription altogether.

If you have any questions about this change or you have any feedback I'd love to hear from you. You can email me at anytime at