Super SceneMaker Update Now Live!

Hey everyone! Kevin from Light DJ here to announce the app’s latest major feature update - the Super SceneMaker! The original SceneMaker controller has been part of the app since 2016, and only had 6 effects when it was released. As lighting technology matured I was able to do more complicated things with the lights and so I continued writing new effects for users to enjoy. As more and more effects were created though (currently more than 50) it became apparent that greater control was needed. I’ve always been unhappy with the single-list mode that the original iPhone SceneMaker used and wanted to give users more control over their effect sequences. Today that all changes with the latest update: with the Super SceneMaker you can now create Custom Playlists of effects with individual effect duration and other settables.

The iPad version was also updated to include these additional features. You can now add Playlist cells to your effect sheets, which will auto-play just like regular effects. The SceneMaker UI from the iPhone is now available as an iPad controller if you prefer lists over sheets. Other features from the iPhone SceneMaker were also ported to the iPad version, including individual effect duration and sheet options. For MIDI users, you’ll be pleased to know that you can now control Visualizer and Matrix cells on your sheets, along with Playlists.

All of these features are available today on iOS, with Android updates coming later this year. I hope these new changes will improve your workflow and offer new creative ways for you to control your lights. As always, if you have any questions or feedback feel free to email me at