Nanoleaf Canvas, Custom Palettes, iCloud Sharing, and more

Hey everyone! It's been a while since my last update but I've been hard at work creating exciting new features for the apps and I figured it's time to share some of the recent happenings with you all.

Nanoleaf Canvas Support

The biggest and most recent update you'll find is support for the new Nanoleaf Canvas tiles. Just like the triangular Aurora tiles, the square Canvas tiles are modular and are easily affixed to your wall with Command Strips or other sticky tape. All 50+ effects have been updated to work with Canvas on iOS and Android and can handle massive setups of up to 500 tiles - large enough to completely cover a 10' x 12' wall! The Canvas tiles have been in high-demand, but if you're quick enough you can snag a set at

Light DJ effects work with new Nanoleaf Canvas tiles. <3

iOS Palettes and iCloud sharing

The iOS version acquired a couple new features that help with managing colors, effects, and sheets. Custom color palettes are now available throughout the app and can be used to temporarily change all effect colors to the same theme. This is useful for DJs who want to change the theme each song without having to set each effect's color manually. This is a game changer for color lovers everywhere and I plan to port the feature to the Android app in the coming months.

Additionally custom effects and iPad effect sheets are now automatically saved on iCloud Drive so that you can easily share them to your other devices. Later this year I plan on adding community sharing features so that you can share you custom built effects with world. Stay tuned!

Light DJ Studio Community Tracks

In September 2017 I released a new app called Light DJ Studio, which introduced a new concept in mobile light shows. Users record a light track, guitar-hero style, in-sync with any Apple Music track and save it for later playback. Now with the latest update users can share their recordings with the Light DJ community so that others can enjoy it too! The app is completely free while the library of user-submitted tracks grows (currently ~40) and anyone that submits a track gets free access for life if I ever choose to monetize it. I designed the light recordings so that they work with any light setup, so even if the creator makes their light recording on Hue, it will still work on Nanoleaf or LIFX, or vice-versa. There's a ton of potential in this app and I hope to one day work with DJs and other musicians to release exclusive light shows for the app.

I hope everyone enjoys these apps as much as I enjoy creating them. As always, if you have any suggestions for the app I welcome your feedback at