Engineered for Fun

Escaping Lights

The problem with most smart bulb apps is that they're just not that fun. You open the app, change your lights, and then ... that's usually it. Even apps that are designed for "Entertainment" often just do the same repetitive effects over and over. I built Light DJ because I wanted to make an app that could actually impress your friends.

That's why here at Light DJ HQ, I spend lots of time testing the app to make sure that it's actually fun to use. New features generally go through 2-4 iterations where I build a complete feature and then test it to make sure that the controls are intuitive, and that the app is just fun and easy to use. Inspiration for new features comes from many sources: friends and family, loyal Light DJ fans, music festivals, etc. Sometimes ideas work great, other times not. I've written tons of unused code from various prototypes I've done. Only the best effects make it into the App Store, which is why Light DJ is quickly advancing up the iTunes charts.

For example, my latest controller, SceneMaker, plays through a list of effects automatically. I originally intended users to use the list of effects as a checklist, so you could choose which effects you wanted to include or not include in the show. The problem I found is that there was no way to play a specific effect at a certain time and as a result I changed the functionality of the app to handle this. I could have released the app that way, but that wouldn't have been very fun. No one wants to mess around with a poorly designed app, especially when you're showing off your toys to friends.

Creators and makers alike know all too well the plight of being your own worst critic. Through the process of building new effects, I'm constantly fine-tuning and making adjustments to the app so that everything works seamlessly when you launch it at home. Not such as easy task when there's different hardware configurations involved, but I enjoy doing it knowing that somewhere in the world I've helped to make someone's party extra special.