New Effects Pack, and Loads of New Features

Light DJ will detect the beat of your music automatically.

I love receiving email from fans of the app and most of the new features that I add come from user suggestions. This latest app update includes the most demanded features that you, the users, have requested.

First up is Microphone Tempo Control - the app can now listen to your music and analyze the tempo on-the-fly! This has been the most requested feature by-far, and I'm glad that I can provide it to you now. Onset beat detection (the technical term) is actually a pretty difficult thing for a machine to do. While our human ears have a built-in sense of rhythm, machines must take a best guess based on the frequencies of the incoming sound. For the best results, I recommend activating the feature when there a solid beat in the background.

The Big Room Effects Pack includes six new effects, including Groove Wave, Soft Strobe, and Cross Fade.

Next is the new Big Room Effects Pack - 6 new effects for the SceneMaker controller. This pack was built for big rooms and are perfect for rooms with lots of bulbs. I've also added Light Ordering to the app so you can control the play order of the lights. With this you can setup the lights so that they, say, flow nicely in a ring around your room, or from left-to-right on a stage, or any other order that you can dream. Light ordering can be set from within the Group Configuration screen under the Settings panel.

Lastly, I've added a Blackout Button to the controls panel - instantly turn off all the lights with the press of a single button!

What else would you like Light DJ to do? Have any suggestions? Email me at, or post on our Facebook page!