Introducing the SceneMaker!

Create light shows with ease with the all-new SceneMaker automated effects controller. The SceneMaker comes with over 10 effects that you can customize with your favorite colors. Brand new multi-color effects bring a new level of customization to your lights. The controller is designed to set and forget, so you can get your party on without having to oversee the app!

This new controller replaces the old Effects controller. If you've already upgraded the Effects controller then you'll get the SceneMaker Basic Effects pack for free! You don't have to do anything except update the app to get the added benefits of the SceneMaker.

As always, I love to hear your suggestion for the app. What would you like to see Light DJ do? Send your suggestions to kevin@mangobee.co.

New Matrix Controller Puts the Power of Light in Your Fingertips

Introducing the all-new Matrix Controller for Light DJ!

The centerpiece of this new controller is the Matrix MEGA Button - an interactive, multi-touch light pattern generator that makes creating light shows easier than ever before. Just touch the multi-color matrix with up to 4 fingers - your LIFX or Philips Hue lights will react instantly by creating a light show with your chosen colors. Additionally, if you have a 3D Touch-enabled iPhone you'll be able to control the intensity of the lights by varying your touch pressure on the controller.

Users can select from 10 color palettes, 3 light modes, and 6 rhythm selections to match any style of music. The iPad version includes two additional customizable color gradients that make it easy to find the perfect color to fit the mood.

The best way to experience the power of the Matrix is to try it for yourself, risk-free! The full-featured controller is now included with Light DJ and is free-to-download today in the App Store. Unlocking unlimited playtime is only $6.99.

Free Upgrades for Pro users!

Hey everyone, Kevin from Light DJ here!

Life as a developer is always full of challenges and learning experiences. While I've been developing software for just over two decades now, I've only been doing mobile development and sales for just over a year. With a better understanding of how app marketing and development works, I've decided to make some changes to to the product that will benefit all users!

Generally, apps are sold in one of two ways: free to download (with in-app purchases), or pay-up-front. The trend lately has been to move to in-app purchases over the paid model, as people generally want to test out an app before they buy it. [Me too!] This poses a problem though, as I can only offer promotions and support giveaways on pay-up-front apps. Support requests rarely come in, but if you're having an issue with the app, I'd like to know about it! (And I'd like to compensate those people for their time with an unlocked version of the app.)

As a result, Light DJ Pro will be moving to a paid-up-front model. Existing users won't have to pay a penny though! Your update will include iPhone and iPad versions of Light DJ with all controllers unlocked! As an added bonus, you'll receive any future updates free-of-charge!

Light DJ users will now receive a Universal app that will include the iPad version (formerly only available with Light DJ Pro). Light DJ will continue to be free-to-dowload with the ability to test out new controllers before you buy them. Creating a Universal binary will also allow me to integrate with other new Apple devices in the future. ;)

So... I think that covers it: 

  1. Light DJ Pro users get a super-awesome, fully loaded app!
  2. Light DJ users now get an iPad app included.

Look for the update to come in the next day or so with the all-new Matrix controller for both iPhone and iPad!


Sneak preview of the new Matrix Controller

Hey everyone! It's Kevin from Light DJ, here to give you a sneak peak of what I've been working on.

It's a new multi-touch light controller that will make creating making light shows easier and more interactive than ever before.

Take a look at my latest debugging session (while listening to a Simon Patterson Psy-Trance mix).

Expect to see it in the app store very soon!